What Don’t You Know?

Experience and history have shown many conflicts were born because everyone involved did not have the same points of reference.

So, what we are going to do is assume you, the reader, are gifted and know half of all the knowledge that has ever existed on earth, throughout all history up to this very moment.

Now, would it be safe to say, if all humanity was gifted like you, that their knowledge would not be identical to yours?

Reality is no two persons are perfectly alike.

Your individual experiences color the way you reference to and perceive everything.

That being said, when another offers an opinion we don’t agree with, does that make them wrong?

Remember, we each have only half of all knowledge.

Would it be reasonable to say then, that perhaps the positions and conclusions others make, may very well be arrived at based on that part of information we don’t possess?

Going forward, as I share conclusions with you, please understand this is what I’ve  learned and experienced in life. Will there be bias and faulty conclusions?, of course, because like you, I only have half the knowledge to work from.

Wisdom nurtures growth, is flexible and acknowledges there is seldom ever only one correct answer.