I Knew I Was Going To Fail

When I came to the last page of the test I knew Mr. Blaizner was going to fail me.

I was raised in a strict Christian home, with the accompanying beliefs and values. My physics teacher Mr. Blaizner on the other hand was a devout evolutionist.

In my high school physics class, I did not see how evolution and biology could possibly be related to the study of physical laws, molecular structure of elements, and space.

When it came to labs based on physical properties, I was doing quite well. I comprehended and understood exactly what was going on. Even when we were studying space I had no problems except for some of the math. When I started the course all I had was a slide rule. Calculators were relatively new and very expensive, so unless you had wealthy parents, you used a slide rule.

But then Mr. Blaizner threw a monkey wrench into the curriculum by introducing evolution. He was fanatical and would broach no discussion nor even tolerate the beliefs of anyone in his class who did not agree.

One of the reasons I didn’t take biology was because at that time in my life, with the understanding I had, I was not equipped to reconcile the evolutionary process with creationism. Physics on the other hand dealt with the physical laws of nature and would not to my understanding introduce controversial subject matter.

In this I was mistaken.

50% of the marks on this test were to be awarded based on the essay question: “In Your Opinion How Did the World Come into Being”.

In my opening statement I acknowledged that Mr. Blaizner and I had differing opinions and beliefs. And further wrote that I believed in creationism as outlined in the Holy Scriptures. I gave some details based on the biblical account, then submitted my paper knowing a fair evaluation was not possible.

Several days later we received our papers back. I had 37% total on the exam. The first half of the test I scored 74%. On the essay part the page was marked with a huge zero in red with a short message from Mr. Blaizner stating “I don’t think you really believe that“.

I took the paper home and showed my father. To my amazement, for the first time in my life he defended me against the school. He called the principle and informed him of what had happened. Mr. Duncan was good enough to say he would investigate. A couple of days later, he returned my father’s call and said he spoke to Mr. Blaizner.

In his defense, Mr. Blaizner gave the principle the impression that I was a difficult and unruly student.

I learned that day, it doesn’t matter how good you are in life, what matters is how you get along with others. In this case, because I would not bow down before the beliefs of Mr. Blaizner, he would crush me as a demonstration of his power.

My father wrote a letter to the principal in which he stated “My son may have failed your physics test, but today he passed a much greater one.”

At that time my father acknowledged there was no point in me continuing a course where the instructor had no intention of educating me. As a consequence, he agreed to allow me to use that time in the pursuit of my other studies.

Today, were I to have that test again with what I have learned and come to accept, I would never have finished the essay in time.

Because I respect everyone has the right to their beliefs, I have sought knowledge through personal study to understand how others come to their conclusions. This endeavor as opened my eyes and allowed me to reconcile that both Mr. Blaizner and I were right, and wrong.

Right in that there had to be a blueprint or design [creation], and there needed to be a manufacture or construction [growing, adapting and evolving organisms] for this world to be.

Also when we read the Scriptures we discover that there was a garden planted eastward in Eden. It didn’t say the entire world was planted, just a garden where Adam was put to tend. The rest of the planet was subject to the introduction of microscopic Biologics that would adapt to their environments and develop into more complex organisms. This is indicated also in the Bible where it says that the creatures would come to Adam and he would name them. Genesis 2: 19.

We were both wrong in that neither of us was prepared to have a discussion where we could explore common understanding and how it could possibly apply to our differences.

I appreciate Mr. Blaizner. His position, though it cost me some grief, motivated me. I would no longer accept opinions that were not backed by solid facts.

The Dalai Lama is Quoted thus: “Buddha himself made it very clear that his teaching should not be accepted out of faith, out of devotion, but rather out of thorough investigation and experiment…”. Pg 74: The Enlightened Gene

It’s kind of amusing, because even Jesus said: “It is also written in your law, that the testimony of two men is true.” John 8: 17

Over time I intend to reveal what I have learned about our Earth and the conclusions I’ve reached regarding how it was created and became what it is today. That of course is going to take many posts.

In the meantime, remember everyone has the right to their beliefs, and only as our understanding increases, can we expand upon those beliefs.

Peace be with you