I Am Having Trouble

I haven’t written lately, not because I don’t like you, but because I have been struggling within.

You are important to me, I see everyone as a Child of God, and even though I try to provide uplifting insights to you, sometimes ugly truths and possibilities vex me, challenging my ability to resist the evils of negativity.

Please forgive my weakness. Life is a constant cycle of ups and downs.

The most important message I would leave with you, Especially when I battle my demons, is God, or the Divine Loves you, and has a vested interest in your ultimate success.

You have the potential of a Divine Being.

So, for the moment, I acknowledge the Divine in you, and pray God keep you safe and well.


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  1. Keep fighting, being honest and vulnerable shows great courage. You are a warrior. Fight for truth and righteousness! Stay true and valient! We are all weak, our weaknesses will be made strong by Him!

  2. Very insightful blog. I have one question for you though on the above entry: If God, the Divine One as you call him, really does care about us, then I assume you are referring to God as a ‘friend’? Well, it is a lovely thought to think that God really is our friend but there a lot of people out there who either don’t know God, don’t believe in God, or feel even still that if there really is a God, why does he allow so much suffering? Does he even care? The answers to all these questions can of course, be found in His word the Bible. However, that being said, without a good teacher to show someone what really is in the bible, one could get sidetracked very easily and could even lose interest very quickly. Wouldn’t you agree though that in order to really know God, just like any other person you meet, and for him to become a friend, you would need to know his name first? I have been scanning through some of your blogs and honestly have not seen you use God’s name once. Is this because you do not know it? Or could it be because you simply refer to him as ‘God’ since that seems to be the normal way?

    Here is a link I would warmly invite you to investigate:


    1. God is known by many names in many cultures. I deliberately avoid using a specific name as a sign of respect for the beliefs and sacred names others hold for the Almighty.

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