Why You Should Read This Blog

For months I have anxiously written posts with the expectation that I could change the world.

How? You may ask.

Truthfully, I have always believed throughout our lives we face similar challenges as those who have gone before us. I concluded at an early age when a person had sufficient life experience, it would be a service to humanity to pass that knowledge and wisdom on to succeeding generations.

This is the motivation for Mind Vault.

In our busy lives there is little time each day to devote to relaxation and the pursuit of our interests.

We have been trained to work, but not to enjoy life.

Our ability to control our lives is based for the most part on work schedules.

If you are one of the few affluent enough to control their own schedule, then you understand to be happy, you need to have the freedom to express yourself.

A legacy can take many forms. One thing is for certain, none of us want to be Forgotten.

Understanding how to deal more effectively with people gives us opportunities. Why? People are more inclined to like and cooperate with someone who understands and respects them.

Even today, can anyone “Make” you do anything you don’t want to, let alone effect a permanent change in your behavior?

Without a desire, nothing worthwhile happens in our lives.

By studying the beliefs, successes and failures of others, we avail ourselves of  experience gained over lifetimes with a small investment of our limited time.

As an example I will share the following: When I was young, without the experience of dating, I fell in love and after nine months married the first woman I dated. We were together for 9 1/2 years and had three children. Then she left.

The cost of my hasty and inexperienced decision to marry, was 10 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars lost, never to be recouped. Worst of all, was the negative impact to my three children.

After my divorce, my dad finally gave me some dating advice. Thanks Dad…10 years late.

The point is, when we take counsel and employ it in our lives, fewer costly mistakes will happen.

Operative word, “Fewer”.

Many times I’ve heard these laments: “I should have listened”, “If only I knew”, “Why didn’t anyone tell me”. The list goes on, but I’m sure you have both heard and said some variant of these in your own experiences.

I offer you in these posts, lessons and insights that have been gleaned over thousands of years, both from personal experience and as recorded by people who wanted to be remembered. Not so much for their mistakes, but as benefactors to future generations.

So the rest is up to you. Your time here is precious. Mine these posts for the treasures of knowledge they hold. Then in time, you will advance beyond those whose shoulders you were wise enough to stand on.

Success and Happiness to You in Your Journey.