Diabetes And High Blood Pressure

I would like to apologize to you my readers for not having regularly posted recently. There have been several issues that required attention, most notably the necessity of getting a new computer, software and printer as these tools died and became unserviceable within five days of each other. I had forgotten how much time was required to download, customize and train software on a computer.

The main software that I use for writing consists of: “Dragon naturally speaking”, and “Word X 9”. My computer is protected by “Kaspersky”. It was necessary to purchase updated software as my old machine was somewhat “antiquated”. None of these companies is aware that I am mentioning them, but because of my personal experience, I find these programs most valuable and would recommend them to anyone.

Today, I intend to bring your attention to a couple of health issues:

Recently, according to various health statistics, there has been a sharp rise in diabetes. It’s interesting to note that most cases are diagnosed during cold months. There is a reason for that.

Our physical bodies contain 70%-80% water. To protect itself from damage incident to ice crystallization in cold weather, our bodies naturally leach out excessive water which has the effect of creating higher densities of nutrients, minerals and glucose in the blood. Samples taken during cold weather will manifest higher blood sugar levels. This often leads to the premature assumption that one is a diabetic.

While it is important to take corrective measures to support your body and its ability to efficiently metabolize sugars and nutrients, it is equally important to have a minimum of at least one other diagnostic test performed during warm weather seasons. This will provide a necessary “Second opinion” to establish a clearer picture as to the functioning of your pancreas and body’s ability to metabolize glucose.

Because I live in a cold environment six months a year, I personally take cinnamon as an aid to moderate and assist in the metabolism of all forms of sugar. I do so in capsule form as this guarantees a specified amount daily.

Our bodies have an incredible ability to repair and heal when given the right material and support. Diet, nutrition and physical activity are essential to maintaining and regulating our physical well-being.

The second issue is “High Blood-Pressure”.

A number of afflictions are attributed to high blood pressure, but that is only part of the story.

There are a number of factors that influence blood pressure.

Contrary to popular belief, the heart is not the only pump that circulates blood through our bodies. It is by all means the most important one as it establishes a neutral balance throughout the body when at rest.

When we are physically active, the muscles that are being recruited for the task at hand also become pumps. For example: Take a 15 pound dumbbell and perform curls, you notice your forearm becoming hard and your biceps swelling. This is caused by an increase of blood to that area which provides oxygen, glucose and nutrients to power and repair the muscle tissue.

This action also functions like an old-fashioned water pump, sucking blood into the area creating elevated pressure and what appears as a bigger muscle, which in fact are tissues that have been engorged and expanded with blood. After many hours of reduced activity the excess blood eventually drains back into the main conduits for circulation.
Any activity that stimulates circulation, be it physical or emotional, will increase blood pressure. We are all familiar with the “Fight or Flight” response, but most of us don’t realize that external threats to our physical well-being are not the only triggers to this response. When our bodies are fighting off pathogens or repairing injuries blood pressure is also elevated to accommodate the workforce employed.

Again, as in the case with diabetes, to get an accurate picture of your blood pressure it is essential to take numerous readings over a period of several weeks. Only then will you have the data necessary to determine what measures to take to optimize and maintain good health.

Physical activity and diet are essential in maintaining good health. But not just any diet, it needs to be compatible with your physiology and provide nutrients that encourage healthy circulation, supple soft tissues and dense bones.

With the information available to us over the Internet, we sometimes forget we need to counsel with those who study and work as healthcare professionals and trainers.

Why? Because not everything on the web is accurate, and because every body is unique, wisdom dictates the need to avail ourselves of the expertise and experience those whose full-time occupations expose them to the application of practical, up to date and accurate information.

When we exercise wisdom, our lives will be enhanced. It is a choice.