Political Hero and Patriot

Two terms that have seldom been applicable to any one person historically in politics are “Political Hero” and “Patriot”.

The latest inductee who qualified for these two titles simultaneously is the Canadian member of Parliament Leona Alleslev with her leaving the governing party to take a seat with Her Majesties Loyal Opposition.

Having been elected to the Liberal party in 2015, Leona exercised her oath to uphold and defend her nation against all enemies, the oath she swore when she joined the Canadian Armed Forces.

Sadly, after laboring three years in the governing party, she came to the conclusion the Federal Government of Canada operated more like a dictatorship THAN A DEMOCRACY.

“It’s my duty to stand and be counted.”

“But my oath is to country, not party, and my sacred obligation is to serve my constituents.”

“I must do what is right, not what is easy.”

Traditionally in Canadian politics, once a politician has crossed the floor that generally signals the end to their career. Her term of office will expire with the next federal election in 2019.

What I admire, is the integrity and patriotism this woman displays regardless of the political consequences.

Leona Alleslev has revealed herself to be a genuine leader in a nation sick with apathy, self interest, cowardice and corruption.

How few they are, people with honor and integrity, who are willing to expose themselves to the barbs and daggers of power mongers whose only interest is to subjugate and rule what was once a free people.

Will other political figures follow her lead?

Courage is doing the right thing in spite of fear.

The Party political system in Canada sees leadership utilizing intimidation through what is commonly called the “Party Whip”, whose responsibility it is to cajole and coerce elected party members to support the position of the leader regardless of their constituents wishes or morality.
That is a Dictatorship, and under the law, illegal. But who’s going to prosecute the very persons responsible to make and uphold the laws?

Leona Alleslev, I salute you.

May the people of Canada and for that matter, all democracies in the world, rally to the cause of their liberty and freedom.

Hold your governments accountable. Do not tolerate corruption and abuse of power that has become synonymous with the words politician and government.

May we all have the courage and moral fortitude to stand up and be counted.


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  1. Why was she not stopped? What would happen to a defector within the Putin/Assad/Xi/Kim/Maduro/Salman regime, not least of which one that pulls a public move as such.

    Fear and intimidation require follow-through. She merely called their bluff. Putin does not need a whip, he serves as his own whip. The mere concept of a whip to accumulate votes for a ruling party runs contradictory to the idea of it being a dictatorship. The Prime Minister is subject to the same fear and intimidation from the donor/voting class that any given MP or senator is exposed to.

    To talk about corruption and abuse of power is entirely legitimate, while not forbidden, to speak of Canada as a dictatorship is fundamentally flawed. Western society has never been more analogous to the Fiddler on the Roof. How do we affect change without the risk of overthrow? Make no mistake, the opposition to the west is amplifying distrust in institutions and elections, feeding this narrative allows dictatorships to flourish and prosper. Swing that fiddlestick too far to the left, and you fall off the north end. Swing it too far to the right and you fall off the south end. For the one on the roof, what difference does it make?

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