Dark Spirit Assault

Yesterday morning my work day started as usual…pre-trip my rig, hook to the trailer for a Fed-ex switch, regular stuff.

Then, as I was heading out, It hit me.

At first I thought I was having one of those random “brain farts” everyone has from time to time…but it got stronger and stronger, even though I tried to entertain other thoughts.

By the time I reached Fed-ex, a mere 3 kilometers away, the weight was oppressive…not physical, but I felt my spirit being crushed by a vile, evil essence who was determined to take me.

I quickly, though it seemed like a lifetime, concluded my business with Fed-ex and went promptly back to the yard where I sought help from my friend Matt, who is a very good soul and has much faith in God.

We began to pray.

The bitterness drove me to sob heavily…as it were with the pains of a damned soul. I could barely give voice as the struggle came to a climax.

Then, the darkness reluctantly backed away as a warmth drove it from me.

My color returned as did my proper self.

Matt asked what brought it on…I did not know. I told him I was ambushed, as there was nothing apparent nor out of the norm to trigger such a thing.

I know we all understand getting angry, and even being morbid from time to time…but to feel the presence of another being intent on your destruction of that magnitude is horrorfying.

The take away for me is that we must pray always that no thing or weakness be exploited by the Darkness who would destroy us if given the chance.

Evil does not sleep, take days off or breaks. Their one purpose is to bind our souls and drag us to destruction.

This incident brought to mind the herd of swine: “Then went the devils out of the man, and entered into the swine: and the herd ran violently down a steep place into the lake, and were choked.” Luke 8: 33

That devils can be invited in is one thing, but from time to time they try to force themselves upon us. If we surrender, they will take us. We cannot be taken if we don’t give up, even though all may seem lost.

Devils do not have bodies as they did not keep their first estate.

They will never be “born” as we have been, so will never forget the pre-exsistance of our spirits before mortality, nor the hatred they have for us because we would not rebel against Gods plan, to test and prove us in a mortal state, that would reveal our truest natures and desires to ourselves, and the Divine.

May the God of this, the human family, ever keep you and guide your life to your greatest fulfillment.